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Plagiarism Haven
Mod Post: Deletion, Etc. 
2nd-Oct-2012 11:58 pm
With October comes another round of deletions. We haven't been adding as actively as we'd like to, what with summer ending and real life intruding on us again, but rest assured that new members are still being added and that we will get around to answering all emails!

Check the members list to find out if you were added. You may also have received an email from LiveJournal. Sometimes we email you if your email address was not validated or we are unable to add you for some reason, so do check your inbox for anything from us before contacting us.

Pertinent points:

01. Please notify us of any vacations/hiatuses/absences from PH with our Hiatus Notification Form. If you like, you can email us at plagiarismhaven @ gmail.com.

If you've specified a certain date or time period you'll be back by and do not review within the current round, you'll be deleted. So do be careful with telling us when your hiatus will end! We also stress the importance of using the form to avoid such situations/being deleted.

If you will be gone for an extended period of time or have to ask for repeated hiatuses, please inform us and we will delete you till you are able to return as a regular member.

02. Any comments left before August 1 DO NOT count.

03. Reading is NOT reviewing. Participation is only counted when you comment while logged into your LJ account.

04. You may have been wrongly deleted. Don't fret. Email us about it, and we'll get around to fixing it. Sometimes we make mistakes!

05. New deletion date is January 15, 2013. This is subject to change. Should we decide to shift it, we'll inform you guys in a mod post.

06. New header and colour scheme courtesy of preludity!
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