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Plagiarism Haven
Mod Post: Deletion 
1st-Aug-2012 08:41 pm
It's that time of month again!

We've deleted some people, and we've added some. We expect to add quite a few more people later this week, so check the member list for your user name. We've been a bit behind with our emails, so please be a little more patient, and we'll get back to all of you! :) However, if you can't wait, just contact us!

As to the pesky but important details...

1. Please notify us of any vacations/hiatuses/absences from PH with our Hiatus Notification Form. If you like, you can email us at plagiarismhaven @ gmail.com.

We cannot emphasize just how important this is. Every round, we always get a few emails from people who either forgot to use the form or didn't realize the form was there. PLEASE use the form. It's your insurance! :)

Anyway, we consider your hiatus valid up till the date or period of time you have specified. If you will be gone for an extended period of time or have to ask for repeated hiatuses, please inform us and we will delete you till you are able to return as a regular member.

2. Any comments left before June 1 DO NOT count.

3. Reading is NOT reviewing. Participation is only counted when you comment while logged into your LJ account. Lately, we've gotten a lot of questions from people who didn't even know this rule. Please, please, please keep this in mind when applying for Plagiarism Haven because silent readers just aren't allowed. It's nothing personal.

4. If you feel that you were wrongly deleted (this does happen, despite all the cautions we take), please contact us, and we'll work out something.

5. New deletion date is October 1.
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