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Plagiarism Haven
Mod Post: Important Refresher Post 
2nd-Oct-2011 05:16 pm
PH 6

This is a compilation/second rendition of our old mod posts, aka. some important points and information for potential, current and old members.

01. Contacting Us

The main PH email is plagiarismhaven (at) gmail.com. Current active authors/mods are:

arcanii (Le Meg)
bgmaster (Lord Iron-Balls)
emwolf (Em Wolf)
kendalynne (Kendal)
mcquinnish (McQuinn)
moreta (Myrika)
preludity (angels and effects)
simonexsays (simonexsays)
winkyp (JD Allen)

While you can choose to contact any of the individual authors by private message, your best chances of hearing back from us will be through email. The main mods are Myrika, angels and effects, and JD Allen.

02. Application

-Fill out this form.
-Ensure that you've hit the 'join' button
. This link is also accessible through "JOIN THE COMMUNITY HERE" at the top of the form. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! We've had to email a lot of people who didn't. The extra work is inconvenient on our part, and it also means you won't get access to PH till we know you've hit the button. It really lightens our and your loads.

If you have any additional information or questions, email us. BUT please do not abuse this mode of communication. Only email us if it's important or you feel you want to elaborate on your application. Make sure you've included everything in your app before sending it in. It'll make our job easier again!

For those who ask why they haven't been accepted or what they can do to improve their apps:
-Be eloquent.
-Give as many details about yourself as possible. We'd like to know our members on more than a reader-writer basis!
-Write about why you want to join.
-Get us to feel like you want to participate and will be a regular member.
-If you've never reviewed us on FictionPress or were a silent reader, tell us how you found us. We also emphasise the above points.
-Do not use offensive or vulgar language or be insulting or hostile. It's a surefire turn-off for obvious reasons.

You'll be rejected if we find your application dissatisfactory or disrespectful. Common courtesy goes a long way. :)

03. Adding

We add on a regular basis. We used to have adding rounds but found that they were tedious and with more authors, we could add as we like. Take note that if you've directed your application to a certain author/authors, they might not be around to look at it. This especially goes for Em Wolf who is in the Navy. SamanthaNicole is also not a full-time author and mod on PH anymore. We'll still take her apps into consideration but she will not be personally looking through them.

Keep in mind that all of us are either working, in school or both. Please email us about acceptance only if a substantial amount of time has passed since you applied, not, say, a week or so. Once again, do not abuse our email.

You can also recommend your friends if they want to join PH. That doesn't guarantee immediate entry, but it'll help.

You will get an email notification from LJ if you've been accepted. To find out if you're a member, look at our members list. Check if your username turns up on it. We won't tell you if you've been added. That's up to you to find out, whether by said notification or just checking the PH front page.

04. Deleting & Going on Hiatus

The Golden Rule of PH:

Review at least once a month or within one round or you will be deleted. No holds barred.

We conduct deletions every one or two months.
The past and next deletion dates can be found on the top of our sidebar under 'Important Dates'. We understand that some of you dawdle till the day before the deletion to review or comment. It's fine to do so, but we will side-eye you. We'd like if you're more interested to give feedback or just comment throughout the round instead of at the end of one.

Should you have been deleted and feel you have a strong reason behind your absence, please email us. We will not accept half-assed excuses like the dog ate your computer or the Rapture stole your internet access (it didn't happen, period). Make sure that your explanation is thorough and reasonable. We do not give second chances. Once you've been re-added, you will not be given the same privilege if you're deleted again. We want to know that our members are not idle ones.

If you'll be gone for an extended period of time (over a few months), tell us and we'll delete you till you're able to return as a fully fledged PH member. We'll keep track of your names in our Excels.

Use the Hiatus Notification Form to inform us of any breaks you'll be taking from PH or the Internet in general. We'll only consider your hiatus valid up till the specified date or period of time. For example, if you state that you'll be travelling overseas till November 15, we'll assume that you can start reviewing again after that date. If you need some time after you get back home to reacclimatise, tell us!

We won't tolerate repeated requests for hiatuses too. Don't use the form as an excuse to be gone for whole rounds without repercussions or deletion. We will notice and take necessary action.

05. Participation

We've laid most of the groundwork pertaining to this in the previous points. First of all, make sure you're logged into your LJ account when accessing PH. You can't read any locked entries if you don't do so. Second of all, there are some specific rules as to what counts as participation.

-Reviews on stories
-Making of graphics (this includes banners and icons), fanart or fan mixes
-Comments on discussion posts
-Writing prompt suggestions

-Comments on birthday posts
-Taking polls

06. Plagiarism

This goes without saying. Plagiarism of any form will NOT be tolerated. If you're found stealing any of our works, you'll immediately be kicked out and blacklisted. The authors you choose to plagiarise may take any form of action against you too. We check via Google Alert regularly. Do not think that we'll miss it. NO POSTING of our stories outside PH. No making copies of our stories too.

If you think someone has ripped us off, please email us or contact the author(s) directly. We'll be hugely indebted to you. Most of us have been victims and are extremely wary of being plagiarised again.

07. Miscellaneous

-Here's a handy tutorial for current members about how to track entries! You'll get email notifications about new chapters, entries, etc. This especially works if you don't check your Friends list often.

-Do inform us if you've changed your LJ username or updated any of your personal information, especially the former.

-Enable your PM function.


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