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Plagiarism Haven
Mod Post: Deletion 
11th-Aug-2011 11:08 pm
Deletion time.

01. We gave people approximately 9 to 10 weeks for this particular round. We knew it was summer time, so we kept that in mind. That, and Livejournal had issues recently, so we gave you guys more than one week to catch up. If you last commented in May, no, that does not count. That was for the previous round, not this one.

02. As always, you guys know our rules. Fill out the Hiatus Notification Form or notify us by email (plagiarismhaven at gmail.com) if you'll be gone for a long time.

03. If you were wrongly deleted, please email us immediately and we'll work on it. Tell us your LJ username and provide proof that you did review us.

04. If you're a new PH member, then check our list of names to see if you were accepted. We will be adding more members shortly, so hang on tight!

05. Reading IS NOT reviewing, sorry. You have to log into your LJ account in order to view the stories in the first place, and then comment.

06. Birthday posts and polls do not count toward participation.

07. We do ask for people to notify us about their hiatus; however if the person has asked for more than two or three hiatuses in a row, then perhaps it's time to leave PH and return only when you're able to participate. We prefer that people do not abuse the system.

NEW DELETION DATE: October 1, 2011.
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